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Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant Valet Parking

 Businesses that understand that providing extra convenience for customers is the secret to success in today's cutthroat market regard our service highly. In places with extremely little parking, valet parking is frequently necessary. Other times, adding elegance is a luxury to make a good impression or for practical reasons. In either case, our services offer a memorable experience that will make every visitor to your facilities grin.

Music Performer

Event Parking

Some of the greatest entertainment and special events in Los Angeles have been managed by East West Valet. For any size event, wherever, East West Valet can help you address your guests' parking problems at private events. We can accommodate you for parties at private residences, corporate gatherings, country clubs, weddings, fundraising events, and many more locations. Drive up, exit the car, and hand the key over.

Modern Housing Complex

Residential Parking

 The need for full-time valet parking in apartment and residential  locations was brought on by the rising demand for parking options, the units rarely have enough parking spaces. Our valet services ensures an effortless experience that enhances and improves residents' quality of life. East West Valet also keeps an eye on and controls entry from both guests and non-guests. Whatever the situation, East West Valet is ready to help and take care of the little things that matter.


East West Valet Services is a valet service provider for restaurants, luxury apartments, private schools, places of worship, parking lots, hotels, medical buildings, business centers, shopping malls, and private events. East West Valet Services also has you covered with organized shuttle services ranging from golf carts to large capacity vans in order to efficiently transport large numbers of guests to their destinations. We will provide professional drivers  for your transportation needs.

  • Restaurant Valet Parking Services

  • Commercial/Retail Shopping Center

  • Hospital Valet Parking Services

  • Hotel Valet Parking Services

  • Residential Valet Parking Services

  • Parking Attendant Services

  • Exclusive Client Shuttle Service

  • Traffic Control Services

Rhonda, G. 

"I was very satisfied with the services we received. His staff was very friendly and punctual, and getting our cars out at the end of the day was quite seamless. We're impressed! Highly recommend East West since they work within your budget".


Jesse, W.

Patric and East West Valet were fantastic. They are very professional and easy to work with".

Avraham, H.

"So at first I was not sure how the service would be because the price was great, almost too good to be true, They showed up on time, were professional and everything you want in a valet service. Thank Patric for setting this up for us".

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