First impressions last a long time. Customers will remember the courteous attendant who serviced their needs professionally and expeditiously. Our goal is to represent your business in the best possible way, turning first-time business into repeat customers.

East West Valet serve the following sectors of the parking industry:

  • Exclusive Client Shuttle Service

  • Commercial/ Retail Shopping Center

  • Hospital Valet Parking Services

  • Hotel Valet Parking Services

  • Medical Building Valet and Parking Attendant Services

  • Residential Valet Parking Services

  • Restaurant Valet Parking Services

  • Traffic Control Services

Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant Valet Parking

 Businesses that understand that providing extra convenience for customers is the secret to success in today's cutthroat market regard our service highly. In places with extremely little parking, valet parking is frequently necessary. Other times, adding elegance is a luxury to make a good impression or for practical reasons. In either case, our services offer a memorable experience that will make every visitor to your facilities grin.

Music Performer

Event Parking

Some of the greatest entertainment and special events in Los Angeles have been managed by East West Valet. For any size event, wherever, East West Valet can help you address your guests' parking problems at private events. We can accommodate you for parties at private residences, corporate gatherings, country clubs, weddings, fundraising events, and many more locations. Drive up, exit the car, and hand the key over.

Modern Housing Complex

Residential Parking

 The need for full-time valet parking in apartment and residential  locations was brought on by the rising demand for parking options, the units rarely have enough parking spaces. Our valet services ensures an effortless experience that enhances and improves residents' quality of life. East West Valet also keeps an eye on and controls entry from both guests and non-guests. Whatever the situation, East West Valet is ready to help and take care of the little things that matter.